Gravesite Maintenance Services

The Cemetery Elves use tried and proven methods and products in the performance of our services. We offer high quality products and professional service in the performance of our work. The following is a list of amenities we offer our customers.

The Cemetery Elves can build a complete custom maintenance or care package to fit all your needs. We offer discounts on multiple services and maintenance plans. The Cemtery Elves supply photos of all our services and placements when complete. Every veteran gravesite serviced will receive a FREE American flag placed at the grave if one is not present.

Please make sure you review the cemetery rules that apply to your loved one’s gravesite as some are very restrictive.

The Cemetery Elves do not perform any type of stone, marker or monument restoration or resetting services.

Lawncare Maintenance Services: The Cemetery Elves supplies two service levels of gravesite lawncare that include grass cutting, trimming around the stone or marker, edging the stone or marker, gently washing of the stone or marker, weeding around the stone or marker, raking of debris and watering existing plants. We also offer add-on services for spot patching of topsoil and grass, application of weed and feed products, mulching and bed borders.

The Cemetery Elves can customize a care plan for almost any budget. Our goal is to supply an aesthetic and groomed look to the gravesite. Perpetual cemeteries supply grass cutting services but tend to leave the “well groomed” look to the plot owner. We supply this service with the dignity and reverence your loved one deserves.

Lawncare Maintenance Services

  1. Basic – Cut grass, trim around stone/marker and edge the stone/marker (if applicable), remove any light debris, rake leaves when applicable.
  2. Deluxe – all items in the Basic service plus light weed removal around the stone/marker, gently wash the stone/marker, water any existing plants.
  3. Add-On Services include spot patching of topsoil and grass, application of weed & feed in the spring, planter beds and mulching.

Gravesite Stone and Marker Cleaning Services: The Cemetery Elves supplies stone and marker cleaning for several types of stones, markers, and monuments of varying sizes. Services include gentle washing, gentle cleaning, cleaning and buffing and deep cleaning, depending on the stone type and condition.

The Cemetery Elves uses the “Do No Harm” standards recommended by the Professional Cemetery Preservationists and Stone Conservators, best practices as set forth by the National Park Service’s National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration and operational standards set forth by The National Cemetery Administration as well as professional recommendations from the Cemetery Conservators United Standards (CCUS) for maintaining gravesite stones, markers and monuments. These are the groups entrusted with the care and techniques for our nation’s 131 national cemeteries and more than three million gravesites. All the products and equipment we use are to offer cleaning without damaging the condition. Our goal is to clean the stone, marker or monument and not try to make it new. Cleaning the stone, marker or monument helps keep its “new” look and regular maintenance prolongs the life of the stone, marker, and monument. Our products will continue to work long after we are finished cleaning your headstone. Although you will be amazed at the results from the cleaning process, the stone will continue to improve over several weeks. Our solutions will continue to prevent biological growth for months. With regular cleaning you can protect your investment from the elements and deterioration.

Stone/Marker Maintenance Services

  1. Small Stones (up to 6 SF)
  2. Medium Stones (up to 12SF)
  3. Large Stones (up to 18SF)
  4. Extra Large Stones (up to 24SF)
  5. Stone Monuments
  6. Single Marker
  7. Double Marker
  8. Custom Marker

Floral Placement and Planting: The Cemetery Elves supplies silk and live floral arrangement placing, in several sizes and styles, at the gravesite. We partner with local florists to supply custom arrangements and offer the planting of flowers and plants where allowed.

The Cemetery Elves supplies quality silk and live arrangements in various sizes as well as custom options. We offer many styles to fit your needs. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Memorial, Holiday, and Special Occasion Placement: The Cemetery Elves supply silk and live floral arrangement placing, in several sizes and styles, at the gravesite for your special event.

The Cemetery Elves supplies a wide array of options for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, and other special occasions. We offer the same quality silk and live arrangements customized for your occasion. We offer cones, wreaths, crosses, swags, grave blankets, cemetery pots, and specialty items which can be decorated for the specific occasion.

Floral Placement/Planting

  1. Small/Medium Arrangement – Artificial (Cone, Vase or Wreath)
  2. Large Arrangement – Artificial (Cone, Vase or Wreath)
  3. Custom Arrangements – Artificial or Live
  4. Custom Plants (where permitted)
  5. Holiday and Memorial Arrangements – Artificial or Live

Decorations, Adornments and Specialty Items: The Cemetery Elves offer placement of special items requested for the gravesite. We can supply items for you, or you can supply an item(s).

The Cemetery Elves can supply and deliver, where applicable, several different items including statues, candles, stuffed animals, wind chimes, pictures, lights, and personal items. We caution everyone to please be aware of your cemetery rules as we are not responsible for items removed after placement.

Decorations/Adornments/Specialty Items

  1. Statues
  2. Candles
  3. Stuffed Animals
  4. Wind Chimes (where applicable)
  5. Pictures
  6. Lights
  7. Personal Items
  8. Message or Letter Delivery

Photography and Videography: The Cemetery Elves offers gravesite digital photographs and high-resolution videos.

The Cemetery Elves can take digital photos and high-resolution videos of the gravesite and surrounding areas for those who are unable to visit their loved one’s gravesite. We can send them via text message or email.


  1. Digital Photos
  2. HD Videos

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